Design Process

Design Requirements

Before we can commence with a job, we require the following from our clients:
Written content:
This needs to be coherent and well written for all the web pages. We prefer to receive content in digitised format e.g. Word / RTF however we will accept it if it is hand written. We may have to charge an additional fee depending on how much there is to type.

Images and graphics:
These need to be good quality, preferably digitised e.g Tiff / Jpeg (these need to be of a high resolution) If you have insufficient images that you can use for your web site, we would recommend you hire a photographer to portray your company in a professional way. If you have images in a hard copy format, we are able to digitise and optimise them for an additional fee.

Web Design Process

1) Requirements Gathering We ask clients to fill out our online quote web design form. It acts in two ways; 1) to get clients thinking about exactly what they want and need out of there website, and 2) gives us an opportunity to provide you with a free estimate for your work.
2) Contract Once all the requirements are established, a simple contract will be drafted outlining the timeline and costs associated with the project. At this point a tax invoice outlining services/cost will be issued. PLEASE NOTE: A minimum 30% deposit will be required in order to proceed to the next phase.
3) Graphical
Initial design will begin in graphic form only. We will create mock screenshots of your new website highlighting the important user interface details. Those being navigation, colours, logo placement and fonts. This is done to save rework, and give clients a good idea of what they’re final website will look like.
4) Approval Once this mock up is approved, we will begin the development phase.
5) Website Coding The mock-ups from the design phase are taken and transformed into working HTML (or flash) web pages.
6) Wire Framing The website is created as a wire frame (a skeleton navigation template and empty pages) with working links, and clients can browse around to each section making sure the navigation and flow through is as they envisioned it.
7) Content Inclusion All the content – writing, downloadable files, video, flash animation, graphics etc are also placed into the website pages.
8) Uploading & Review Once everything is ready, the website is uploaded to the web host, and a final review/revision occurs. PLEASE NOTE: Any first year outstanding fees will be required prior to final publishing.
9) Marketing WebCentre will submit your website to the major search engines, and include all necessary keywords in the design process. However, for highly increased visibility we recommend some level of online marketing campaign.
10) Maintenance Your website will then come under WebCentre maintenance. If there is a problem in our design code and something is not working properly as a result of our coding, we will always fix it free of any charges. Please note an annual fee will apply this will be subject to services required. (Hosting, Domain registration, additions, text changes etc..)

If you have any questions about our web design process, please contact us.
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